Jumping Jacks
Standing Quad Stretch
Seated Quad Stretch
Arm and Torso Stretch

Exercise Instructor, Evelyn Zurbrigg, has designed a series of exercises intended to keep you moving throughout the 30-minute session.  By continually moving, we will boost our heartrates, improve our energy levels and reduce Fibromyalgia pain and other symptoms. 

Remember, exercise activities for people with Fibromyalgia is not about exercising significantly hard, which can cause significant pain or a flare-up of symptoms, but rather exercising appropriately for oneself, in order to relieve symptoms. 

But how does one know what is appropriate for oneself?  We all know our own limitations, most likely better than anyone else.  Start at a level that you know you can handle.  Take a gradual approach.  In Exercise for Energy, this will mean not doing as many repetitions of an exercise, perhaps not doing the full movement, or even resting as required.  ONLY DO WHAT YOU CAN. 

The key to relieving Fibromyalgia pain, fatigue, and other symptoms, is to become consistent and regular at a speed and intensity suited to YOU.  To help you throughout the session, Evelyn will provide modifications and encouragements for limiting oneself, as required.

Exercise for Energy provides a step up from past and current “Gentle” exercises for those interested.  However, all Exercise for Energy exercises can be done at the Gentle level as well. 

As mentioned, Exercise for Energy is designed to provide movement.  We will move/exercise our arms, legs and torso, in such manner as to hopefully increase our heartrates and blood flow.  Doing so will, in turn, reduce pain and increase energy, amongst other benefits. 

After exercising, you should feel “good tired” and better the next day.  If you should happen to feel more pain and/or other symptoms the next day, modify or reduce movement and intensity for the next session.

Come check out this form of exercise activity – held weekly on Mondays at 11:00am ET as part of POWER UP! Mondays!

Back and Lower Leg Stretches
Marching In Place
You can do Exercises For Energy Seated if you cannot stand through the 30-minute session