1. Effective September 1, 2021, only registered members, in good standing, are eligible to participate in our any of our virtual or in-person programs and activities.
  2. Everyone, regardless of whether you are currently a Resident or Virtual Member in 2020-2021, is required to complete the Membership Application form (see next tab, Membership, for the online form). In the form, there is a section to indicate which programs and activities you are interested in attending.
  3. At the time of submitting your member application , you would have filled in a section indicating in which specific programs, activities and workshops you wish to attend.For members who want to add to, or remove themselves from their registration, please send an email to programs.fmgroup.london@gmail.com.
  4. All programs and activities, unless gender specific, are open to all ages (18 years and up) and gender.
  5. All participants are expected to honour and adhere to the Fibromyalgia London Group’s Code of Conduct Policy. There is zero tolerance for emotional and verbal abuse, profanity, and disorderly conduct. You will be asked to leave the virtual or in-person meeting space immediately and your membership may be terminated permanently (without refund), if deemed so by the Leadership Team.


Fibromyalgia London Group is proud to organize and host the following programs and activities, facilitated by Peer Volunteers, who are also Persons with Fibromyalgia and/or have professional/demonstrated experience, interests or qualifications in the program and/or activity they instruct/facilitate.

We are always open to considering new types of online self-care, wellness, social and personal development programs or exercise activities. Send us an email at fmgroup.london@gmail.com and share your ideas or suggestions!


  1. Education through raising awareness is one of Fibromyalgia London’s Group prime goals.
  2. The special/one-time events on this page are organized and hosted for the Fibromyalgia community at large.
  3. Anyone, including professionals, service providers, and staff workers from the medical, healthcare or social services sector, who is interested in learning from the presenters/guest speakers, is encouraged to attend.
  4. Admission, with registration, is FREE for these events, and open to any member of the public, regardless of age.
  5. Please take note that not all registrations required are through Fibromyalgia London Group.