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There’s No Place Like Home, Zoom with Us!

The Covid19 Pandemic Crisis in Canada continues. By staying home, we are saving lives. We’re not “stuck” at home, we’re “safe” at home.

Though Fibromyalgia London Group (also for those with: CFS/ME, any chronic illness) cannot meet in person, we’re going to ZOOM! Yes, FLG is on Zoom now and so although we can’t meet, can’t knit, share, cook, chat, hug, etc. we don’t have to touch to stay in touch.

We’re having our very first virtual Sharing Circle! Please join us tomorrow, Saturday April 4th, 2020 at 1pm Eastern Time (USA and Canada) on Zoom!

All you need is a laptop, desktop, tablet or phone, preferably working well (download the Zoom app, it’s quick and so easy, this one is user-friendly to the extreme!), with audio and a camera (if you wish to do the video portion, if you have “Scopophobia” aka a phobia of cameras; or a fear of electronics, or whatever, no worries, we understand.

If it’s “Quarantine Fashion” you’re worried about, bring it on, we’re all in this together. Sissy That Walk. Wear sweats. Dress up. No pressure. No judgements. Bring your own refreshments! Tea, coffee, water, smoothies…wine, cheese, medical cannabis, Quarantini (shaken not stirred); brownies, cake, veggies, nachos, fruit, lasagna – this is informal, you’re among friends. The good thing about Zoom, you can come and go from the chat whenever you want to. Or mute if you want to go to the washroom, burp, crunch on a celery stick (sure, or chicken leg or cookie)… Turn video on or off (remember your Mute button is on when you first enter the chat, turn it off to “talk”). Put your own name up, or a nickname, or an aspiration name. We’re just going with the #StayHomeSaveLives flow here at FLG trying to “Support Ourselves by Helping Others” and the best way we can help is #StayingHome with you.

It’s FREE! Please join us tomorrow, Saturday April 4th, 2020 at 1pm Eastern Time (USA and Canada) on Zoom!!! You don’t have to get dressed up. Hair not done, that’s what hats are for. No make-up, no problem. We’re here to Sur-Thrive (survive while thriving with chronic illnesses)!

The situation will continue to be reassessed and we know it seems wild out there sometimes, but until then, you’re safe in here with us, we can meet and greet in the virtual world!! Please join us tomorrow, Saturday April 4th, 2020 at 1pm Eastern Time (USA and Canada) on Zoom!

WANT TO PARTICIPATE? Just send me an email confirming your attendance, and we’ll send you the chat link AND simple instructions on how to download the Zoom app, and join the meeting, tomorrow, Saturday April 4th, 2020 at 1pm Eastern Time (USA and Canada) on Zoom!

Just FYI, Monday April 6th at 1pm we’re having another Zoom chat, B2C2: COVID-19 Edition. B2C2 (Brown Bag Chat Club) is where members would, under normal circumstances, meet, bring our lunches (or not, your choice) and we sit and chat about:
books, movies, TV shows, streaming, TED Talks,
ebooks, audiobooks, hobbies, You Tube, crafts,
games, sports, dreams, anything and everything,
but especially what distracted us from pain.

It’s like a lunch hour at work.
Just chatting while eating our lunches.
But COVID-19 happened and so we’ve decided to go ahead with it anyway, online, on Zoom. We’re going to virtually meet and just talk about anything from your latest binge show to Jason Momoa (might be me who brings him up)
to what motivates us, inspires us, helps us get by. Anything. We’d love for you to join us at B2C2: COVID-19 Edition. I suspect it will be fun, informal and quite possibly silly.

Also, don’t forget about our essential workers! What would we do without doctors, nurses, grocery store workers, pharmacists, radiologists, porters, clerks, truck drivers, farmers, plumbers, restaurant staff, electricians, hydro workers, payroll clerks, government workers, police officers, firefighters, energy workers, maintenance, social services, research, agriculture, food production, manufacturing and Telecommunications and IT infrastructure/service providers (you want to see panic, don’t let the internet go down!) and so many more! We care! We’re Thankful! You have our gratitude! You’re putting your life on the line so we can stay home and “flatten the curve” so as not to overwhelm our healthcare system. Here’s what you can do to say “Thank You” here in London and everywhere!!! #StayHomeSavesLives #WashYourHands