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Pajama Party on #Zoom – B2C2 #COVID19 Edition

NEW!!! Join members of the Fibromyalgia London Group (and others with chronic illnesses) on Zoom for the very first Brown Bag Chat Club (aka B2C2) COVID-19 Edition.

Dress Code: Quarantine Fashion (Sissy that Zoom!) – Daytime PJs, Loungers, plaid shirts and sweats are also welcome. Hair? Who even cares? Make-up? What’s up with that? We’re chronically fabulous.

B2C2 was initiated and will be facilitated by Peer Leader and FLG member, Donna Parker (that’s me and also a cheesy Nancy Drew knock-off series of books in the 50s and 60s). This new initiative will provide members, support persons and those suffering from chronic pain with an opportunity to meet over lunch (hence the brown bag) or not, your choice to chat. We were supposed to introduce this new group activity in March but, unfortunately, that did not materialize.  We are thus introducing it as a virtual activity…Covid19 Edition.  

What kind of topics can we chat about?  

  • Books, ebooks, e-audio, movies, TV shows, streaming, TED Talks, YouTube videos.
  • Music, hobbies, crafts, games, exercise.
  • mind, body and spirit matters – self-care is vital with chronic illness.
  • Whatever distracts us from pain, fatigue and other Fibromylagia or CFS/ME or other chronic illness symptoms.

What is ZOOM?  Zoom is a cloud based service which offers organizations and groups of 3 or more people (up to 100 participants) to meet virtually by using its video conferencing capability. It is a FREE application which you download onto your tablet, laptop, smartphone, or desktop computer. You don’t need to have a Zoom account to attend a Zoom meeting, as a participant. It’s really easy and user-friendly. You can use video or not, your choice. Same goes for audio, you can mute or unmute (just remember Mute is on when you arrive in the chat, just in case…), or just listen. You can enter or leave the chat at any time. You can also type information or comments. Yes, it’s that simple and that fun!

All three levels of Canadian government continue their efforts to contain the Covid-19 virus and “flatten the curve”/“plank the curve” so all Canadians are required to continue practicing self-isolation, by staying at home.  Peer Leaders agreed that this is an opportune time for our Group to utilize this increasingly popular communication tool, ZOOM, as an alternative way to connect with our membership and be available to those seeking advice, emotional support, education and resource information on living with Fibromyalgia and/or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

During these unprecedented times, yes, we’re going to self-isolate, we’re going to #StayHome to Save Lives from the Coronavirus (COVID-19), but we’re still going to be here to support each other. We’re pleased to announce that FLG will host ZOOM VIRTUAL meetings in the month of April as follows:

Mon, April 6th, 1pm – Brown Bag Chat Club (B2C2 COVId-19 Pajama Party Edition) – REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Please email Jacqueline at: if you wish to participate so we can send you a link to the meeting. Bring lunch or brunch or slupper or Quarantinis, or cookies, cake, brownies, sandwiches…whatever.

Thu, April 9th, 1pm  – Knit Happens! REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Please email Jacqueline if you wish to participate so we can send you a link to the meeting. 

Thu, April 16th, 11am – Sharing Circle.

Mon, April 20th, 1pm – Brown Bag Chat Club (B2C2)

Thu, April 23rd, 1pm – Knit Happens!

Mon, April 27th, 1pm – Brown Bag Chat Club (B2C2)

Thu, April 30th, 1pm – Knit Happens!

PLEASE NOTE: All our VIRTUAL activities/meetings are FREE (yes, that’s an actual thing!) and OPEN TO ALL members and their guests, as well as visitors, regardless of where you live in Canada. ADVANCE REGISTRATION is required to participate in all VIRTUAL meetings.  Just send an email to to confirm your interest in participating.  You’ll then receive an email with instructions on how to join the meeting, the link/meeting ID and password.
WATCH FOR EMAIL ANNOUNCEMENTS, from Donna or Jacqueline, on when registration for each virtual meeting is open.

Also, don’t forget about our essential workers! What would we do without doctors, nurses, grocery store workers, pharmacists, radiologists, porters, clerks, truck drivers, farmers, plumbers, restaurant staff, electricians, hydro workers, payroll clerks, government workers, police officers, firefighters, energy workers, maintenance, social services, research, agriculture, food production, manufacturing and Telecommunications and IT infrastructure/service providers (you want to see panic, let the internet go down!) and so many more! We care! We’re Thankful! You have our gratitude! You’re putting your life on the line so we can stay home and “flatten the curve” so as not to overwhelm our healthcare system. Here’s what you can do to say “Thank You” here in London and everywhere!!! #StayHomeSavesLives #WashYourHands

Don’t Forget (so easy with Fibrofog, I know), join us this Mon, April 6th, 1pm – Brown Bag Chat Club (B2C2 COVId-19 Pajama Party Edition) – REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Please email Jacqueline at: if you wish to participate so we can send you a link to the meeting.

Can’t wait to chat with you soon! #StaySafe #StayHome