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Christmas and Cards and Coffee and Cookies and Company! Oh My!

Christmas and Cards and Coffee and Cookies and Company – Who Could Ask For Anymore More? Umm, cupcakes?

Holidays got you stressed? Here some ways to relax

And how about stopping for awhile and having some laughs?

How does an afternoon anyway from all the hustle and bustle sound?

No Christmas songs, no busy stores, no gimmicks, no salespeople, no traffic jams, just cards and company.

That’s happening Monday December 23rd, 2019 1pm-3pm.

Are you worried you’re not playing with a full deck from: pain, worry, anxiety, stress, lack of sleep, etc.?

We understand. We get it. Other people say they get it, but they don’t get it. We live it. Just like you. Join us. Be understood.

Whether you’re exhausted, sharp as a tack (ouch!), just want the company, just want to relax or snack, or snack and relax… So whether you’re a card newbie or a card shark

Fibromyalgia London Group (FLG) Games Afternoon, hosted by the joyful and kind Leanne, is for you! Looking for laughs, refreshments, friends and could-be friends? All that and card games too.

You just never known what delights you’re going to be dealt.

Don’t get lost in the shuffle, pop by Monday December 23rd, 1pm-3pm and did I mention it’s free (kindness is free to, spread it around and receive it with joy) for FLG members and their caregivers/supporters, family, friends, etc.? Not Even. Kidding. Free.

But treats, healthy or unhealthy or maybe both, homemade or store-bought or homegrown, all are welcome! Always.

Contact Jacqueline at: Tel: 519-453-3198 ~ Email: ~ for address and all the deets (ie. 2 hr free parking on the street (and some in the driveway depending on how early you get there), etc. Also, Leanne’s lovely home is near St. Joe’s so there are plenty of bus routes, #15, #6, #90, #13, and many more! Plan your trip . Also, London now has an income-related bus pass subsidy which can help people with disabilities).

Keep visiting, following and please please please sharing our Website: – you don’t want to miss a thing.

See you Monday December 23rd 1pm-3pm for cards and relaxation and wishing everyone a safe, happy and healthy (all things considered) holiday season. Merry Christmas and all the best for 2020!!!