The Fibromyalgia London Group [also known as Fibro London or FLG] is a community-based, volunteer-driven, self-help and wellness support group which offers positive moral support, encouragement, education and information to those affected by Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS/FM) and its related symptoms or comorbidities. Fibro London demonstrates this by embracing and demonstrating its philosophy and culture of “Supporting Ourselves by Helping Others“.

Founded by Jacqueline Fraser in November 2014 , Fibro London was established to serve persons with Fibromyalgia living in London, St. Thomas and Middlesex County in Ontario, Canada. Since March 2020, in response to the impact and restrictions of the Coronavirus global pandemic on Canadians living with Fibromyalgia across Canada, the group evolved to serve an online community, without any geographic restrictions on membership.

FLG’s Leadership Team, led by Group Manager, David Wilson, continues to push its boundaries to expand community outreach and engagement by continuing to offer a variety of FREE, virtual programs and activities, via Zoom. It prides itself in being inclusive and thus welcomes into its membership, individuals of all ages, irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, and socio-economic standing. We also welcome people who suffer from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) as part of our membership as there is a wide overlap of symptoms in ME/CFS and FM.

Fibromyalgia London Group is a member of the Fibromyalgia Association Canada (FAC) and National ME/FM Action Network.


The Fibromyalgia London Group [FLG] was created to be a resource of pertinent information, education, and peer-led wellness support to all who attend our Group meetings and Sharing Circle sessions. While we may invite healthcare professionals, advocates, practitioners or representatives from community organizations to speak at our Group meetings and special public events, the FLG does not endorse, support or recommend any specific service provider, treatment, product, theory or person.

Please note that Fibromyalgia London Group is not a therapy group. Our programs and activities are not a place to bash or condemn a doctor or practitioner and is not in the business of either diagnosing or verifying a diagnosis for Fibromyalgia and its symptoms.


To provide Persons with Fibromyalgia, regardless of where they live with:

  1. access to a safe, scent-free, supportive, inclusive space where individuals, their families and supporters can, without judgement, listen to, learn from, and share personal experiences, information, ideas and strategies to help each other live a healthy lifestyle with Fibromyalgia;
  2. increase one’s knowledge and education about this invisible, chronic multi-systemic illness;
  3. find inspiration and acceptance in a caring, positive, fun and friendly environment; and
  4. develop and strengthen one’s ability to not just survive with Fibromyalgia, but thrive, in spite of it.


Fibromyalgia London Group strives to become a/an:

  1. respected peer-led community support group;
  2. reliable resource and referral base for health wellness information on Fibromyalgia;
  3. strong network of connections for individuals living with Fibromyalgia, and their families and friends, which actively strives to raise the level of public awareness and education in Fibromyalgia;
  4. advocate for increased accessibility to community/government funding, resources, and services for coping with symptoms; and
  5. organization with unites Persons with Fibromyalgia in London, Ontario, and across Canada, to become a strong voice for better recognition and validation of our invisible illness.


~ to engage individuals, their families, caregivers and supporters in the Group’s activities, initiatives & special events;

~ to advocate for more awareness, education and resources for the local Fibromyalgia community;

~ to empower members to support themselves by helping others by showing concern, offering moral support, demonstrating compassion and understanding to individuals who are facing challenges or struggling in their journey with Fibromyalgia;

~ to maintain a safe, inclusive, non-judgmental, caring, positive space for Group meetings and activities;

~ to stay informed on research and development related to Fibromyalgia and its symptoms; and

~ to serve as a reliable resource for information, connections and links.